Who are we?


First started in 1999 with three graduate programs; Business Management, International Relations and English Language and Literature, Graduate School of Social Sciences today offers 19 graduate and 5 PhD programs. Our preparations to offer new ones are underway. Our primary goal is to make active contributions to Atılım University’s main objective: “to be one of the top research universities in Turkey and the world” in the social sciences and humanities field with our qualified academic staff and constantly updated innovative graduate programs. In this context, to create qualified academic programs not ignoring the competition emerged by our country’s higher education environment, to equip our graduates with high level of academic/vocational competencies making them able to compete internationally and to provide them an ideal learning environment consisting of selective graduate and doctoral programs in which they can develop their research capacity are priorities of Graduate School of Social Sciences. Thus, the contribution will be done to the training of qualified experts and researchers with analysis and synthesis capacity both as future’s academic staff and as professionals which sector requires. In order to achieve these goals, our non-thesis programs offer education with a mission of giving students the latest knowledge and skills in the relevant discipline, making them better equipped in today's increasingly competitive business world; whereas in thesis programs it is along with practical/vocational skills to make students gain the expertise of obtaining scientific knowledge

We will be pleased to see innovative individuals who share the same vision with us under the umbrella of the Graduate School of Social Sciences.


Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. Dilaver Tengilimoğlu